15 New York City Vaccination Sites Closed for Lack of Supply

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The nation’s death toll from COVID-19 is now climbing beyond 406,000 deaths.

But U.S. hospitalizations and new daily cases are trending down.

However, frustration continues to grow over efforts to vaccinate everyone.

Fifteen vaccination sites are temporarily closed in New York City because of a lack of vaccine supply.

And across the country in Los Angleles, vaccine appointments for next week are up in the air because health officials don’t know how many doses of the vaccine they will get.

LA County Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer says, “I know people would feel much better if we could say every week there would be x number of appointments for people 65 and older to get their first dose…but we just can’t do that because we don’t have allocation numbers in advance.”

California’s former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger got the shot Thursday at Dodger’s Stadium. He posted a video afterwards encouraging others to get the shot when their time comes.