Sandcastles Children’s Museum Shifts Activities Online

Times have been tough for local businesses, but that hasn’t stopped some from getting creative. Sandcastles Children’s Museum in Ludington has shifted from in person to online fun.

“Sandcastles has been closed since March 13,” said Kristin Korendyke, executive director for Sandcastles Children’s Museum. “Honestly, it’s been really hard to not have kids in here.”

In the spring of 2020, the board of directors for Sandcastles made the decision to close the museum with concerns of properly sanitizing the exhibits and keeping guests socially distanced.

“Although we kind of reevaluated as a board of directors every two weeks or so throughout the summer about when we could open and different strategies we might use, we really just came to the conclusion each time that it just wasn’t safe for us to be open and it wasn’t financially sustainable,” Korendyke said.

Because they closed their doors for COVID-19, they decided to move their creativity online.

“We did science experiments with one of our wonderful middle school teachers here in Ludington,” Korendyke said. “We did rock painting and a rock hunt around town. We did anything we could to engage at home.”

That also includes lots of craft projects with items parents might already have at home.

“We drew on a lot of those resources from things we knew were successful with kids in the museum,” Korendyke said.

The museum, though, is optimistic to open this summer and welcome kids back inside.

“Hopefully the virus will be under control, kids will be out of school, and we can have a wonderful summer of activities,” Korendyke said. “We’re really looking forward to that.”

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