Rep. O’Malley Asks Governor Whitmer to Address Child Care Crisis

State Representative Jack O’Malley is putting pressure on Governor Whitmer to talk about the state’s child care crisis in her State of the State address on Wednesday.

Representative O’Malley says, “If we want our young families, if we want our young towns to be able to thrive and have good businesses people need to understand that child care is as important as good housing, good jobs.”

O’Malley presented the Governor with legislation to help the crisis.

He says the fix could be as simple as easing regulations and adjusting the ratio of children allowed in a center.

“That allows an additional spot for a child for a family, but it also allows that day care provider one more kid that might help them makeup just enough money to get keep them afloat,” says O’Malley.

The Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children says many centers haven’t fully recovered from the amount of children they’ve lost and help from the state could help to stabilize the industry.

Executive director of the Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children, Erica Willard says, “With parents keeping their children home, without as many children coming back and families coming back yet for enrollment. So a lot of programs are experiencing low numbers.”

She says many problems were plaguing child care before the pandemic.D9a3d713 B95a 4323 B4a7 B1b321130f21

Willard says, “This industry was not set up to be a strong industry in terms of funding support for them. So this has just really highlighted that crisis.”

Representative O’Malley says it’s time for lawmakers and the governor to find solutions.

Governor Whitmer’s State of the State Address will be Wednesday, January 27th.