Mason County Sheriff’s Office Donates to Lakeshore Food Club

A local food bank is getting a boost thanks to their local sheriff’s department.

On Thursday, the Mason County Sheriff’s Office donated $1,250 to the Lakeshore Food Club.

Deputies presented the the check in person.Mason Co Sheriff Charity Pic

Every January the Sheriff’s Office makes a donation to a local charity after raising money within themselves with direct donations or by allowing deputies to grow beards around the holidays.

“Passing a hat around the office on the holidays and we allow our guys to grow beards during the month of November and December ,” said Sheriff Kim Cole, “They pay a fine, if you will, and we donate that money to local charities here. This year we chose the Lakeshore Food Club over there because they’ve been so stressed and taxed.”

In years past, the donations have ranged between $1,000 and $4,000.