Federal Judge Grants Preliminary Approval of $641.25 Million Flint Water Settlement

A federal judge has granted the preliminary approval of the $641.25 million civil Flint water settlement.

The order will become effective on Jan. 27.

Judge Judith Levy of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan still needs to issue a final ruling on the settlement after a fairness hearing is conducted. That hearing is scheduled for July 12.

“With Judge Levy’s preliminary approval granted, this historic settlement is one step closer to providing Flint residents with the financial relief that they may have otherwise never received if the legal back-and-forth were to continue in the courts,” Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said in a statement. “While final approval remains pending, the settlement can provide people with security that their claims will be heard and not tied up in legal proceedings for an indefinite period of time. Plaintiffs’ counsel and state attorneys, court-appointed mediators and a special master have all concurred that this agreement was made with the best interests of Flint in mind, and a federal judge has now determined that it meets the necessary preliminary legal requirements to proceed. As the court considers a final ruling in this settlement, we will continue to keep our focus on healing this embattled city.”

Flint residents have 60 days to register in the settlement program. Once the registration period has closed, residents will have 120 days to file the necessary documents to support their claims. More information will be made available on the claims website.

If the court grants final approval of the settlement, and there are no challenges to the order, claims and payments are expected to be substantially completed before the end of 2021.