Bowling Alleys Band Together to Sue Gov. Whitmer Over COVID-19 Damages

Thousands of businesses across Michigan are barely hanging on due to the impacts of COVID-19 and the restrictions that came with it.

One industry is fighting back with a lawsuit seeking damages from Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

“I’m going to lose my business because she decided to close me down,” said Don Slimmen, owner of Spartan West Bowling Center, “Not because I ran a crummy business or I treated people rudely.”Bowling Alleys Sue Gretch Pic

Slimmen has owned Spartan West in Mason County for more than 30 years and he’s afraid he can’t go much longer. For that he has joined a lawsuit with other entertainment venues suing Governor Whitmer for damages from the COVID-19 restrictions.

“All that money that we lost, she needs to replace to us,” said Slimmen “It wasn’t our fault to close. She decided to close us down.”

Bowling alleys were closed from March until September, then closed again for a few months. In late December they could re-open just in time for their busy season.

“January, February and March are probably 40% of our business throughout the calendar year,” said Slimmen.

Being back open is a big deal but without food and drink service, it doesn’t save the business according to Slimmen.

“There’s 60% of our revenues right out the window,” he said.

Like any indoor dining, food and drink service is prohibited in bowling alleys.

That has turned many away from going bowling. Leagues have returned but not with all players.

“Instead of having 16 teams we have only four because everybody’s found something else to do,” said Slimmen.

Slimmen is confident they have a shot at winning the lawsuit, but if not, at least they can pick up a spare by raising awareness to their plight.

“We want the communities all around the state of Michigan,” said Slimmen, “To realize what this governor is doing to us.”

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