Biden Mandates Masks on Federal Property, Begins Pandemic Plan of Attack

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With a new administration in the White House comes a new plan to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

President Biden’s plan focuses on speeding up vaccinations. He wants to ramp up the supply of the shots by working with states and cities to open thousands of vaccination centers and train hundreds of volunteers to administer the shots.

Biden is expected to sign 10 more executive orders about the pandemic, they’ll be added to the mask mandate on federal property he set in motion right after his swearing in.

Biden also plans to reopen most schools within the next 100 days and use stadiums and community centers as mass vaccination sites to help him hit his goal: 100 million vaccinations within the next 100 days.

Many states hope the new plan will help their vaccination process.

San Francisco’s Health Department says their supply of shots is likely to run out Thursday. And New York City is also running low.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio says, “We’re working on a goal of one million vaccinations this month. We can do it if we get that vaccine.”

Along with his coronavirus plan, President Biden is also directing the U.S. to rejoin the World Health Organization.

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