Traverse City Immigration Attorney Discusses Biden Immigration Plan

Immigration is expected to be one of the first issues President Biden and his administration look to tackle.

The new Biden administration hopes to successfully take on an issue facing every president for the last several decades: immigration reform.

“This is really something that has been on the national agenda at least on the background for decades, and I think that’s the reason the Biden administration feels this is a pressing issue,” said Traverse City Immigration Attorney Marcelo Betti.

President Biden is set to send a proposal to Congress to provide a path to citizenship for some 11 million undocumented immigrants. The pathway would be expedited for the so called dreamers.

“The proposal is not to open borders and let everyone in, the proposal instead is addressing the folks who are already in the United States, already working in our farms and our factories and restaurants who already have families here,” said Betti.

The Biden plan also calls for improving the use of technology at the border, and addressing the cause of migration from Central America. While the plan is broad, getting it through Congress quickly or even as proposed, is not a guarantee.

“I’m obviously optimistic that the proposed bill exists, but I think it’s far from certain that it’s going to become law. I think this might be step number one in what may be a negotiation that drags on,” said Betti.

President Biden is also expected to sign several immigration related executive orders, reversing some Trump administration policies.


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