TCAPS Students Watch Historical Inauguration

Students at Traverse City West Senior High school put their differences aside today to watch the inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

“I think that it’s really important for kids to start getting involved in the conversation,” says Addiena Nicolaou, a junior at Traverse City West Senior High School

AP government teacher Tak Ready says while half his students align with the democratic party and the other to the republican party, they’ve been able to have constructive discussions in the weeks leading up the inauguration.

“We’ve talked about impeachment just in the last week, we talked about the riot at the capitol in the past week, and what that says about American Democracy today,” says Ready.

On Wednesday, his students watched history in the making, as President Biden and Vice President Harris were sworn into office.

Nicolaou says it was strange to see the event with no crowds:

“I think I’m used to seeing everyone cheering and excited and some people crying. I’m used to the inauguration being such a big and dramatic and important event in American culture.”

Nicolaou says she hopes the nation takes note of President Biden’s speech about unity.

A lesson her class has managed to learn first-hand despite their differences.

“It is the president’s job to represent our nation and to fight for all members of our nation, whether that’s a democrat or a republican,” says Nicolaou.

After watching the election and inauguration, Ready says he hopes his students learn to become politically engaged adults.

“Go out and vote and knock-on doors, make phone calls for the people you believe in. Don’t give up hope regardless, whether your person wins or loses,” says Ready. “Hopefully they are an example of what our future looks like in this country”