Senator Garry Peters Reacts to President Biden’s Inauguration

Senator Garry Peters weighed in on President Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday evening.

He said the day was a true display of American democracy.

Senator Peters says now that President Biden needs to focus.

In the next four years he hopes the Biden Administration is able to create a plan to end the pandemic.5546965f Ee1e 4194 829e 28ff252e16b1

He says it starts with making distribution of the vaccine more efficient for local health departments.

Senator Peters says, “They may not know how much of the vaccine they’re going to get and more importantly they don’t know what they’re going to get next week or the week after. You can’t plan if you don’t know exactly what’s coming down the pike and that requires a national strategy. President Biden has committed to doing that.”

He says after a distribution strategy is made the focus needs to shift to saving the small business economy.