Northwestern Michigan College Brings Back Business Development Certificate

The pandemic has slowed down a lot of things, but not the demand or desire to start small businesses.

Starting in February, entrepreneurs can get help and a leg up on success!

Northwestern Michigan College has partnered with the Northwest Michigan Small Business Development Center to bring back aNmc Business Cert program for the Business Development Certificate.

The program consists of 8 core courses and 4 electives and is open to both current business owners and those still looking to start a business.

The first class is free.

“It’s really a program that connects you with resources. So if you’re nervous, if you’re thinking ‘do I want to start my own business?’ or if you started your own business and you’re just unsure; if you have all the knowledge you need to make it work, this is a great way to find that out,” said Elizabeth Sonnabend, Program Manager.

For those interested in taking these courses, click here.