Good Jobs for Michigan Program to Bring Employers to Michigan

Part of Governor Whitmer’s COVID Recovery Plan is to bring more jobs to Michigan. Northwest Michigan Works says the Good Jobs for Michigan Program has the potential to bring big employers.

Regional director, Lisa Schut says, “Good Jobs for Northern Michigan is really a program designed to entice or attract employers to a region or to the state of Michigan… Even as many as 250 jobs could qualify an employer for this program.”

She says with unemployment rates staying steady and the emergence of a vaccine more people are starting to now look for those jobs.

“It appears with the vaccine coming out some of the uncertainty levels when it comes to the workforce- uncertainty levels could be dropping a little,” says Schut.

Traverse Connect says the program has the right intention, but might not benefit rural parts of Northern Michigan.

Traverse Connect CEO, Warren Call says, “It’s not built to a scale that really works in Northern Michigan and the UP because we simply aren’t going to have as many companies-mostly likely at least- that qualify at the level that’s required in the program for job creation.”

He says the focus need to shift to small businesses.

“That’s what we really need to talk about, what we need to focus on as a region because Northern Michigan runs on small businesses and we need to be there to support them,” says Call.

But Michigan Works! says the foundation for this program already exists.2df7d04c 6bcb 473d 8a67 A3ebb40af29e

Schut says, “I know that employers are eager and so is the state of Michigan and so are job seekers for that matter.

While Governor Whitmer is asking the State Legislator to approve Good Jobs for Michigan, Michigan Works! Says they are waiting on more employers to connect them to get people back to work.