Clare, Missaukee County Courthouses Close For Safety on Inauguration Day

As the inauguration in Washington DC bites down on security, government offices here in northern Michigan are also taking extra precautions.

On Wednesday, Clare and Missaukee County Courthouses closed their doors to public access because of the inauguration.

Missaukee County Administrator Precia Garland says they didn’t receive any threats but closed out of caution for the safety of courthouse employees.

Garland says of her knowledge, this has never had to be done before.

“This is where we’re at in our society, but I’m hopeful that things will settle down now that we’re through the transition and between this and the pandemic before long we can kind of get back to life as we’re used to,” says Garland.

The Missaukee County Courthouse will reopen Thursday, January 21st, for regular access.