Mt. Pleasant Police Department Responds to Controversial Post by Vice Mayor

A Mt. Pleasant commissioner is getting a lot of attention after this image was posted to her private Facebook account.

The image was posted by Vice Mayor Amy Perschbacher and has since been deleted.

In a statement, Mt. Pleasant City Manager Nancy Ridley says that, “The city does not in any way support or condone the social media post which was independently posted by one of our elected commissioners.” And, “We support our police department and our local law enforcement partners, and their commitment to caring for and protecting our community on a daily basis.”

The Mt. pleasant police department says they will not let Perschbacher’s post discourage their service. Facebook Post

“We will continue to do our job for anyone who calls us in our residence, no matter their beliefs, or how they view politics; that is not our job. Our

job is to be here and to service our community,” says Autume Balcom, public information officer for the Mt. Pleasant Police Department.

The city of Mt. Pleasant has not responded to if disciplinary action will be taken.