Suttons Bay Schools Return to In Person Learning For First Time Since Mid-November

Gov. Whitmer recently announced the state’s goal to get all students back to in-person learning.

Now districts like Suttons Bay Schools are making sure they can do that while keeping their students and staff safe.

“We’ve been super excited to get back here,” said Suttons Bay Middle/High School Principal Andy Melius. “We know how important it is for kids to be in the building, so we’ve been trying to balance that need to remain safe for our staff and for our students, and also the importance of getting back here for our kids.”

Jan. 18 was the first time since mid-November that students have been able to return to school.

“We take a lot of advice from Benzie-Leelanau Health Department and we work really close with them in order to make our decisions,” Melius said.

Like other school districts, they have had isolated COVID-19 cases.

Suttons Bay School Return Mtm Pkg 20000“What we hear from the health departments is that schools are one of the most safest places for kids,” Melius said. “The spread of the virus isn’t happening in our schools because of the health protocols that have been in place.”

Those protocols include wearing masks, even if students are outside, limiting visitors, individual health screenings and temperature checks each morning, and open communication with parents.

“That open communication between the district and the community is extremely important and has been helpful to kind of keep the health protocols working,” Melius said. “We’re just doubling down on those protocols.”

The school says keeping those health protocols in place will ensure students can continue learning in person.

“It’s not the ideal circumstances, we all know that, but continuing to be there for our students is extremely important, and we’re going to continue to be meaningfully connected to everybody in our community,” Melius said.

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