Grand Traverse Co. Commissioners Will Take Up COVID-19 Resolution

Some Grand Traverse County Commissioners want to take a stand against COVID-related restrictions from the state, and they’ll take up a resolution at Wednesday’s board meeting. Gt County

The resolution comes from Commissioner Brad Jewett, who says the resolution is largely symbolic. But it does suggest that enforcing emergency orders should be a “low priority” for the Sheriff’s Department and the Prosecutor’s office. “It’s symbolic in nature for the most part, but it does send a message to other counties and to Lansing and our constituents that we’re listening and we’re willing to step up to the plate for them. I do realize this is controversial for some people and everything. But I also realize we are devastating our businesses and our constituents that can’t go to work and everything. So I feel this resolution is important.”

Commissioner Rob Hentschel says the county shouldn’t have to spend taxpayer dollars on a mandate from Lansing, without state funding to pay for it.

“The resolution is two-fold. The first one is encouraging people to have personal accountability and do whatever is best for them or their business and how they protect themselves from COVID-19, and the risks associated with it. The second part is that the County Commission is making a statement that we don’t support unfunded mandates coming from the state. Because that puts undue burdens on the taxpayers of our county. We’ll have to cut services in another area every time they tell us to do something and don’t give us money to do it.”

He adds, “This is a symbolic gesture of locally elected officials representing citizens, at one of the lowest levels of government. And it’s really one of the strongest voices because it’s so close to the people.”

Commissioners meet to discuss the resolution first thing Wednesday morning at its 8:00 am meeting.

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