Good Reads from Brilliant Books: ‘Skunk and Badger’ by Amy Timberlake

How would you like it if one day a stranger showed up at your home, and said they were given permission to live there? Would you welcome them with open arms, or would you slam the door 91xj Yt6dmlshut? In this edition of ‘Good Reads from Brilliant Books, this is how two odd-couple characters meet for the first time.

Skunk and Badger by Amy Timberlake is so much fun,” said literature lover, Anthony Ascione. “First of all, the artwork is by Jon Klassen, and we’re huge fans of Jon Klassen around here. But the story is just adorable”. The main storyline revolves around a stubborn, somewhat unfriendly and determined badger, and an easy-going, friendly skunk. “One day the skunk comes to the door, and says that the badger’s aunt said it was okay for him to stay,” Anthony explained. “Immediately, the badger says ‘Nooooooo!’ and slams the door in the skunks face”.

Anthony also mentioned the tale between these two critters is entirely from the badger’s perspective. So, you only hear one side of the story, leaving it up to the reader to see who’s wrong and who’s right in this situation.

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