Giving the Old a New Beginning: Amber’s Upcycled Journals in Bellaire

Amber’s Upcycled Journals, out of Bellaire, are not just handcrafted but incredibly unique.Journals

“I’ve had people say I’ve never seen anything like this before,” said Amber Ludwig, owner of Amber’s Upcycled Journals.

When you first flip through the pages of her journal’s you aren’t sure *exactly what you’re looking at but, you do know they are really cool.

“They open them up and there’s not plain paper in there, there’s scrapbook paper, wallpaper, wrapping paper, book pages, there’s a lot of print it’s busy,” Amber said.

She takes all sorts of recycled materials to create an interactive, experience that are her journals. She even taught herself to sew in making them.

To learn more about Amber’s Upcycled Journals, visit her etsy shop by clicking here.

You can also contact Amber at 248-884-1114 or

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