Former Top Pentagon Official Discusses Added Inauguration Security

Washington D.C. is under heavy security tonight ahead of Wednesday’s inauguration events.

Dr. Steven Bucci says things like barriers and fencing are not uncommon sights around the nation’s capital come inauguration day, what is uncommon — the heavy troop presence.

“There’s always a lot of support that goes to an event like this, this is characterized as a national security special event. That’s a characterization that allows the secret service as the executive agent to draw on assets from other parts of the government, specifically the military,” said Bucci.

The added security is largely in response to the chaos at the capitol on January 6th and threats of violence law enforcement has identified.

“Security people always want to do extra, and always want to be more ready than they need to be, because when they’re not, they get taken to the wood shed for it and should. It’s their job to protect our citizens, protect our institutions and do it in a way that doesn’t trample all over the constitutional rights of the citizens,” said Bucci.

All to make sure the peaceful transfer of power, remains peaceful.

“Obviously not only the show of force, the physical presence of all these people and barriers and other devices, but the fact that they’re talking about it pretty regularly hopefully will take your average person who may have gone to the state capitol and tried to go to Washington, just to voice their opinion on this particular day, well, may they’ll just stay home,” said Bucci.

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