Clare County Mounted Deputies Take Part in Inaugural Parade

The presidency of Joe Biden begins Wednesday with his swearing-in ceremony.

Part of the festivities for every inauguration is the parade of representatives from all 50 states.

If you watch the parade, you will catch some of those representatives from Northern Michigan.

Clare County Deputy Kevin MacRitchie and his partner Justice  are part of the Michigan Multi Jurisdictional Mounted Police Drill Team and Wednesday they will be featured in the Inaugural Parade.Clare Horses In Dc Pic

“We are actually in the parade representing the state of Michigan. Usually there are two groups from every state that are invited,” said MacRitchie, “We’ve been blessed to be a part of that for four times in a row now.”

In a normal year, the team of 22 horses and their riders would be in Washington DC preparing for the march but this is not a normal year.

“The parade itself, they’ve asked all the participants to record the parade in advance in their home state and they are splicing that together for the national broadcast,” said MacRitchie, “We had multiple cameras and a drone filming the team as if we were parading down Pennsylvania Avenue.”

While it seems accepting an invite from any politician could bring on backlash from the other side, MacRitchie says they will always accept no matter who asks.

“For us it’s more about serving the office of the President of the United States and being part of the pomp and circumstance,” he said.

With this being their fourth parade, they have proudly marched for both parties.

“We’re honored,” said MacRitchie, “We’re always honored. We feel privileged to get to go.”

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