Artist Profile: Kristin Fehrman and the Creation of ‘Kiko & Ollie’

They say life’s trials and challenges are what strengthen us and help us become better people.  It’s life’s lessons that have been inspiring, Traverse City-based artist, Kristin Fehrman to create a Eqq55vsxyam2i0lbrand called “Kiko & Ollie” named lovingly after two cats that have changed her outlook on life.

She’s a storyteller, writer, painter, and designer with her talents but it’s her life’s path that has helped inspire her to create the brand and something she wants to share with others through her work.

Using vibrant blues and gold hues, Kristin wants to share her story through her work and says it’s all still a work in progress.  It’s a motto we can all live by as humans.

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