Traverse Bay Area Credit Union Donates $9,000 to TCAPS for Extracurricular Activities

The Traverse Bay Area Credit Union is making a major donation to help TCAPS students get more involved in extracurricular activities.

The $9,000 donation will go toward two programs that enhance students’ lives.

LEAP, their Learning Enrichment and Athletics Program, helps pay for extracurricular activities.

The Intense Student Support Network provides both academic and non-academic supplies that kids need to get through the day.Tcaps Donations

TCAPS says they’ve seen an increase in that need since the start of the pandemic.

“That can be a real difference for a student in coming to school is having some of those needs met. Whether it’s having the right tools and resources, snow pants, boots, a way to get to school, a bed, it could be anything that would otherwise prevent a student from being ready to learn . TBA Credit Union’s sponsorship will help us meet those needs,” said Christine Guitar, Executive Director of Communications.

TBA Credit Union will also offer TCAPS students a financial literacy program which includes budgeting and paying taxes.