Senate Begins Planning Impeachment Trial

President Trump Impeachment Sot 10360

President Trump is expected to leave the White House early Wednesday morning ahead of Joe Biden’s Inauguration.

At the same time, Democrats in the Senate plan to begin the impeachment trial as soon as this week.

The charge against President Trump is “incitement of insurrection.”

His speech at a Jan. 6 rally, before the deadly mob attack on the Capitol, is at the center of the impeachment charge. It was during that speech he told the crowd to “fight like hell” against 2020’s election results. The following attack on the Capitol delayed the finalization Biden’s electoral votes.

The president is still looking for a defense team. A spokesperson for the Trump campaign tweeted “President Trump has not yet made a determination as to which lawyer or law firm will represent him.”

Only a handful of Republican lawmakers continue to support impeachment but others think it will divide the country more.

Sen. Lindsey Graham said, “President Trump is trying to heal the nation pursuing impeachment after leaving office would further divide the country and ruin the start of your presidency, Joe Biden, you need to stand up to the radical left.”

Sources close to the president say a final batch of pardons is still coming, but it is unclear who will get one.