Mr. Hoxie’s Garage Pays Off Lunch Debt for Suttons Bay Students

A local business stepped in to help some students by paying off their lunch debt. Mr Hoxies Garage

Students at Suttons Bay Public Schools who owed a lunch debt, don’t anymore.

Mr. Hoxie’s Garage in Suttons Bay has been a longtime supporter of all things Suttons Bay.

They wanted to do something to help students, so they decided to pay off the schools K-12 lunch debt.

The school says this act of kindness provides a sense of relief to many families in their district.

“When this the lunch debt goes away literally it’s just a sigh of relief, like ok, that’s one very you know in some cases very small problem but one less problem right. And that’s a win these days,” said Casey Petz, Superintendent.

In total, Mr. Hoxie’s Garage paid off more than $2,000 in lunch debt.