Judge Power Puts Traverse City FishPass Project on Hold

Judge Thomas Power held a hearing on Traverse City’s almost $20 million FishPass Project after getting word that more trees were make for removal than planned.

Judge Power says, “Before I got all stirred up I thought I better go out and look at the thing. Sure enough, there’s x’s painted on pretty much all the trees along the south side of the river running from the Union Street dam to the Union Street bridge.”

Judge Power said he was told certain trees were staying on the property, and now he worries what other changed in construction he hasn’t heard about.

Judge Power says, “What other things have I been told about this project and the ten year duration and commitments after the ten year- or lack of commitment after 10 years that weren’t altogether right?”

City Attorney Lauren Trible said this was always a part of the plan.

“The trees on this side of the river were always meant to be removed and that’s what’s reflected,” Trible said.

Plaintiff Rick Buckhalter says there’s much the city doesn’t know about the construction.

“There was no detail. They may have approved the project and the box but they have no idea what was involved,” Buckhalter says.01 17 21 Fishpass Project On Hold

Construction was set to start on Monday, but Judge Power put it on hold.

“There is to be no earth moving, no tree cutting, no construction on this project pending further order of the court,” Judge Power said.

The preliminary injunction for the hold is set to be signed on Tuesday.