Grand Traverse Academy Students Dress in Character for History Project

We’re always living in the middle of history – and 2020 was a great example of that. But some area students are choosing their favorite historical figures and sharing them with the class.

Gta History 1A class of 3rd and 4th graders at Grand Traverse Academy each chose a famous person to research. Their teacher, Maria Drost, says the goal is to teach them the writing process and how to go about internet research.  “A life skill they’re going to need is how to do responsible internet research. This is a skill they can use the rest of their lives. So they can handle understanding what’s a reputable website, how to cross-check facts. They had to think a little more outside the box to find important information. So I think it was a step beyond, and hopefully they are gaining some life skills.”

Gta History 2From Rosa Parks to Abraham Lincoln, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Albert Einstein, it all comes together with public speaking – by presenting in costume, to the rest of the class. Drost says, “It’s great because these kids are so talented and they have so many strengths. But when they get up in front of people to speak, you always get a little bit nervous. It’s such a good skill to practice. Because they were very confident going into it, but they will freeze or stutter and it’s a really good chance to have a conversation about being supportive of one another.” Gta History 3

That’s also part of the character education they are teaching these students. Their teacher says they like to go a step beyond, to give the students some extra life skills.

Drost teaches the “GEMS” Class of Gifted and Exceptionally Motivated Students at GTA in Traverse City.