FBI Warns of Potential Extremist Threat to Inauguration

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The FBI is warning of more violence from domestic extremists leading up to the inauguration.

They say they’ve seen an extensive amount of online chatter about potential threats surrounding the inauguration.

More National Guard members are on their way to Washington D.C. to protect the nation’s capital.

On Inauguration Day, about 21,000 troops will be stationed around the city.

And going back to last week’s riot at the capitol, prosecutors have charged several people with federal crimes and they expect to arrest hundreds more.

FBI Director Christopher Wray says, “We have already identified over 200 suspects. So we know who you are, if you’re out there. And FBI agents are coming to find you.”

On Capitol Hill, lawmakers are working out the details of President Trump’s trial following his impeachment in the democratically-led House.

At least 17 Republican senators would have to join all 50 Democrats for a conviction.

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