Proposed COVID-19 Relief Package Could Send Aid to Child Care Providers

President-Elect Joe Biden’s proposed COVID-19 relief package includes $25 billion to help struggling child care centers.

Great Start to Quality Northwest Resource Center works hand in hand with local providers.

Their Co-Director, Mary Manner says this aid is essential.

“They survived over the summer okay  because a lot of kids wouldn’t have been in care anyway,” said Manner. “As the fall progressed, the centers we’re able to stay open, but a lot of the home based providers began shutting down again.”

She says many child care providers are not making enough money to keep their doors open.

Manner says, “They don’t have benefits, they don’t have paid time off, they don’t have paid vacations. Many of them are barely, barely making a living.”

Angel Care Preschool and Child Care in Traverse City says the CARES Act allowed them to credit tuition dollars for their families., but now that money is gone.

Angle Care executive director, Karin Cooney says, “I know that’s been well received  by the families. I know that if we could charge less, families would really appreciate it and maybe there would be different contributions back to the economy in different ways.”

She hopes congress passes the next round of relief to help better compensate employees.

“I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to pay our teachers a professional wage and I’m hopeful that our parents will have some relief too on the cost of child care,” says Cooney.Aa19d26c 9d70 4361 A854 E8726262143d

For now, Great Start to Quality says they are working with child care centers to show them where to go to apply for the next round of relief.