Hook & Hunting: Hunter Harvest Survey

Deer season has come to an end for most, with the exception of a very select few counties. Hook And Hunting

Due to COVID-19, people looked to get outdoors and it’s no surprise that it led to the sale of more deer tags than last year.

Even though they did see an increase in tag sales, the number of harvests seemed to be down.

This could be due to the limited deer check stations and the DNR’s overall involvement because of COVID-19.

Michigan DNR Wildlife Biologist Steve Griffith says they’re eager to see results from their hunter harvest survey.

“I think it was a good deer season. Unfortunately because of COVID we did not a good a finger on the pulse of what was going on. Because of the minimal involvement, we are definitely going to be relying on the hunter harvest survey and that usually comes out late spring,” said Griffith.

He also says the DNR noticed a very healthy deer heard this year.

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