CDC Predicts the U.S. Could Reach 477,000 COVID-19 Deaths by February

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As the nation moves past 23 million coronavirus cases, the U.S. is making a bleak new projection on how many people could die from COVID-19.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predict at the rate we’re going the total could surge to 477,000 deaths by February.

Thousands of people gathered to celebrate the University of Alabama’s College Football National Championship this week. It’s believed to be the largest national gathering in months.

Alabama’s health department predicts thousands of cases will be tied to football celebrations.

Meanwhile, several states have requested refrigerated trailers because morgues are overflowing and funeral homes have months of burials already scheduled.

Also, with nationwide vaccinations falling behind, pharmacy chains are working to ramp up their efforts.

CVS will soon be able to administer one million doses of the vaccine per day. Walgreens is expecting to give out 30 million doses of the vaccine by the end of summer.

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