Alpena Ice Rescue: Video Captures Moment Firefighter, Dog Are Pulled to Safety

Dog Rescue

Photo courtesy: Alpena City Firefighters L623

Firefighters are getting some much-deserved recognition after a dog that fell through the ice was saved in the nick of time.

Alpena City Firefighters say the husky was on the brink of collapse when firefighter Morrison came to the rescue last week Friday.

Morrison broke a path through the ice and grabbed the dog just before it went completely limp from exhaustion.

They captured the moment both were reeled in by a rope and posted the video to Facebook saying, “It’s not always humans we’re called to save. Sometimes it’s mans best friend… Whether human or not, the Alpena City Fire department cares for them all as if they were our family.”

Plenty of comments thanked the firefighters and praised their hard work.

In true firefighter fashion, the Alpena City Fire department said it’s their job to train for these types of emergencies so that they can “be proficient and quick.”

They also included a photo of the pup wrapped in blankets and resting.

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