McConnell Won’t Reconvene Senate Early for Impeachment Trial

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will not reconvene the Senate this week if the House impeaches President Donald Trump.

A spokesperson for McConnell informed Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s staff that McConnell will not use special powers to call an emergency session, meaning the Senate will most likely not meet until Tuesday, Jan. 19, one day prior to Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The House is set to vote Wednesday on impeaching President Trump.

Congressmen Jack Bergman, the U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 1st congressional district issued the following statement Wednesday in regards to impeachment:

“The electoral process in Congress has appropriately taken place as provided by our Constitution and laws. With one week remaining before Vice President Joe Biden takes office, today’s move to impeach the President will certainly only further divide our Nation and undoubtedly delay or derail legislation that would help our constituents.

“Let me be clear – as a Nation, we must address the issues that led to last week’s riot at the Capitol, and I will continue to unequivocally denounce these actions and all who participated in these riots. Today’s vote to impeach the President, without even a single hearing, is unprecedented and simply more of the same divisiveness – making no effort to heal our wounds.

“It’s time for our Nation to move forward to find solutions to our problems, continue our efforts to protect our liberties, and build on our collective successes. The American people are frustrated, hurting, and tired of the nonsense seen every day in Washington – on both sides of the aisle. We must do better for the sake of our great Republic.”