Bringing Family Together: Board Game Sales Surge During Pandemic

Backstage Hobbies & Games Expands, Opening New Location in Manistee

While COVID-19 restrictions are impacting movie theaters, restaurants and bowling alleys, board game stores are thriving.

Backstage Hobbies & Games in Ludington says 2020 turned out to be a very profitable year, as many people came in looking for fun activities to do with the family.

The interest in board games was so great, Backstage Hobbies & Games expanded and opened up a new location in Manistee last week.

Ryan Horton, co-owner of Backstage Hobbies & Games, says, the Manistee store provides a bigger space for the community to shop for a game and safely play together.

“It’s absolutely great to see the families come in, pick out a game, pick out something that they can go home and do together at home. Instead of everyone’s on the iPad or their cell phone, to actually sit down and have a family game night is great,” says Horton.

Once pandemic restrictions are fully lifted, Backstage Hobbies & Games hopes to resume in store events like ‘figure’ painting nights and card tournaments.

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