Adopt a Pet: Rocco, Holly & Ivy with Missaukee Humane Society

Bump Rocco


Bump Holly And Ivy

Holly & Ivy

These sweet pups are all looking for loving homes and are available through the Missaukee Humane Society in Lake City.

Rocco is a two-year-old catahoula leopard dog/blue heeler mix.  He loves to play with all his human friends and is eager to please.
Rocco is also a very quick learner and would do well in any home setting.  He would love to run and play with you on the northern Michigan beaches and trails.

These two sweet girls are also looking for a home: Holly and Ivy were found together.  They are very bonded and would prefer to stay together. Both female pups are both sweet and a little shy.  Ivy is the more inquisitive of the two and, Holly is scared of new things.  Holly gets upset if not with Ivy and she depends on her.

They got along well with other dogs and when they get happy to see you they will even get the zoomies or happily run around with excitement.

If you’re interested in adopting or getting to know any of these sweet pups, click here to contact the Missaukee Humane Society or call: (231) 839-3800.

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