101st Michigan Legislature Convenes

The 101st Michigan Legislature is convening for its opening day as representatives are being sworn in and assignments given.

Wednesday morning, new Speaker of the House Jason Wentworth of Farwell introduced the first two bills of the session.

The first bill will not allow House members to vote on bills that may financially benefit them or family members.

The second bill Wentworth introduced would weaken the impact of a lame duck session. Any bill introduced after Election Day or on an even numbered year must have two-thirds vote to pass. This is to avoid bills being forced through along party lines last minute.

“I think anything that improves the transparency and accountability of government is on the table this term as well,” Wentworth said. “I won’t get into the details on why maybe things hadn’t made it in the past. but I know this time it’s going to have the weight of the 101st Legislature behind it and I want to make sure that it’s a priority, not just for our members but also the people of Michigan deserve accountability in the government.”