House Democrats to Vote on Resolution Urging Pence to Activate 25th Amendment

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With the inauguration about a week away, Democrats are moving forward with their plan to remove President Trump from office.

House Democrats will vote on a resolution Tuesday night, urging Vice President Mike Pence to activate the 25th Amendment.

The House is meeting at 9 a.m. to consider Rep. Raskin’s resolution. 9&10 News is livestreaming it on our Watch Now page.

If they do not receive enough votes in favor of invoking the 25th amendment, the House will vote Wednesday to impeach President Trump.

They’re charging President Trump with one count of incitement of insurrection following last week’s riots at the capitol.

California Rep. Ted Lieu says, “The only way we can unify our country is to hold all those accountable who engaged in this attack, including the man who incited it, Donald Trump.”

Democrats say the article of impeachment they crafted is narrow and straightforward and hope Republicans will vote for it.

But in a letter to his GOP colleagues, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy already said he opposes impeachment.

However, he did suggest other responses that other Republicans agree with, such as censure.

“It is a defining moment for many people trying to lead the country out of a crisis,” McCarthy said. “Censure should be on the table and we have to hold ourselves accountable.”