Michigan Begins Biggest Election Audit in The U.S.

The state is auditing 2020’s November election results statewide starting Monday.

It’s expected to be the biggest election audit in the nation, covering more local jurisdictions than ever before.

The Michigan Department of State says it’s beginning the audit at 11 a.m. and will be livestreaming the first step on social media.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson says she hopes the audit will clear up “the high volume of misinformation spread about what was an incredibly safe, secure and accurate election.”

The audit will begin randomly selecting more than 18,000 ballots for review. Clerks will have two weeks to review the ballots. The audit will compare the hand-counted totals to the machine-tabulated results.

Benson says “Those spreading debunked conspiracy theories or trafficking in misinformation have done significant damage to the trust many have in our election system, and our democracy, but there is a path forward… Conducting audits like these, which we have been preparing to do since my administration began, arms us with the facts and data needed to not only confirm the election results, but to restore faith in our elections and our democracy as a whole.”