Emmet Co. Sheriff’s Department Grows Facial Hair to Raise Money

For the third year, the Emmet County Sheriff’s Department held a no-shave November fundraiser.

Each year they’ve select a different organization to donate to.

Deputies had the option to pay $20 per month for November and December to grow out their facial hair.

This year, they raised $900 for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Michigan.

Cpl. Cole Brady said the money will go a long way for kids in need.

“The representative that came to get the check informed me that January is actually mentor month and they wanted us to kind of help promote that too, and that they want to see more people step up and try to get some kids that are less fortunate some mentorship,” he said.

Cpl. Brady said he’s usually clean shaven, but he’s going to keep the mustache a little while longer.