Iron Pig Smokehouse Holds Freedom Rally Despite Controversy

Iron Pig Smokehouse in Gaylord has kept their indoor dining services open amid the recent shutdown.

Now, both their liquor and food licenses have been suspended.

On Saturday, they hosted their very own Freedom Rally.

Owner, Ian Murphy says they are doing what they can to keep their customers satisfied.

Murphy says, “It was born out of a request to do something by a lot of our friends and guests. We were going to have a little out back of the Iron Pig but we pre-sold so many tickets and donations were taken we decided to move it down here.”

They capped ticket sales at the Belle Iron Grille Pavilion at 500, where social distancing and masks were not required.

“A lot of people have thought ya know you’re willing to risk getting sick or you’re willing to risk your community and it actually has nothing to do with that. It has to do with the fact that we’re willing to risk our livelihoods and our business,” says Murphy.

One rallier, Charlie Grote, says he stands behind the Iron Pig.01 09 21 Iron Pig Live Event

“I understand the pandemic and I understand there’s people worried, but nobody is forcing anybody to be here. No body is forcing anybody to come out. No body is forcing anyone to not wear a mask. People are here on their own free will,” said Grote.

He says restricting restaurants like Iron Pig is doing more harm than good.

Grote says, “There’s a lot of people who rely on these small businesses from the dishwasher to the manager to the owner. They all rely on people coming into their establishments. When you cut that off how are they supposed to live?”

A hearing over the suspension of Iron Pig’s food license is scheduled for January 12th.