GTPulse: Bill Marsh Jr. Blog Offers Guide To Self Improvement

In November of 2019, four months before the mysterious virus in Wuhan, China made its way to the United States, Bill Marsh Jr. joined me on my talk radio show. Bill had been a go-to guest for me when it came to the automotive industry. We spoke several times about automotive trends and changes to the trades. But, this visit was different. This time, Bill spoke about the power of positivity.  It was enthralling. Mixing science, research and thoughtful stories, Bill’s conversation felt like a catalyst for motivation. Frankly, it was exactly what I needed. 

For me, 2019 had been the year of monumental change. My son had just graduated high school and was preparing for a military deployment. My younger son, 15 at the time, served as a reminder that my parenting role would continue to transition and in the near future, the carefully cultivated nest I had prepared for nearly two decades would be empty. Needless to say, when Bill sat across from me that morning in the studio, I realized that I was hungry for what he was serving up. 

An Opportunity to Grow

For Bill Marsh Jr., the creation of his blog, “Making You Matter,” served doubly. Not only was it an opportunity for him to strengthen his writing skills and share what he’s learned, but he says it was an opportunity for him to provide practical, salient content to help readers live their best lives on a daily basis. “The theme of my blog is ‘presenting the best version of yourself.’ And that can mean different things to different people. For some, presenting the best version of themselves is all about building better habits while for others it may be strengthening their leadership skills and for still others it might mean a consistent dose of inspiration and perspective.”


Lifelong Learning

One of the most prevalent thoughts Bill expresses both during our monthly radio segment and on his blog is the importance of continued learning. For Bill, that idea evokes memories of conversations past, “It takes me back to the day my father, Bill Marsh, Sr sold his company to my two brothers and me. ‘You guys have a ton of opportunity in this business,’ he said. ‘But the day you believe that you’re so successful that you think you’ve got it all figured out— that’s the day you should sell the company because  you’re going downhill.’  It’s a lesson we’ve tried never to forget. Have you noticed that once many people reach a certain level of  success and achievement in any field, they tend to be less open to new ideas and trends?  They stop learning, so they stop growing. To me, lifelong learning is a mindset that is absolutely critical for success in an uncertain and ever-changing world.”


Personal Growth

Putting pen to paper, so to speak, is a challenge in itself. But, when Bill decided to present versions of his blog in the form of a monthly radio and podcast segment, he had to learn to present within the boundaries of time. “I’ve learned to better organize my thoughts to present a topic with clarity and brevity. Like a TED talk, the time limitations of a radio program forces you to narrow your focus and stick to the most important points, which has been super helpful.” 


Curiosity Counts

Another ongoing theme in Bill’s blog and radio segment is the power of curiosity. I asked Bill what it means to him to be a curious person. “I believe that genuine curiosity starts with humility. Years ago at a church service, I heard a pastor describe humility as, ‘not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.’  Amen!  In an age in which personal autonomy and self-promotion dominate, genuine curiosity can seem, at times, counter-cultural. But if you’re serious about presenting the best version of yourself, there’s no better road to travel.” 


Bill also says developing curiosity is always a possibility. “As a parent, spouse, friend, or leader, the way to develop your curiosity is to intentionally focus not on teaching or giving advice,  but on listening empathically and drawing out the often-untapped knowledge, creativity and resourcefulness of others .  It sounds easy, but it’s a constant challenge that requires a lot of self-awareness, and intentionality.”


Start Now

For me, the idea of starting a positivity program left me feeling overwhelmed. But, as Bill explained, it all comes down to the basics. “In a year like 2020 with so much disruption and uncertainty, there’s a temptation to get stuck and fall prey to inaction. The simplest way to present the best version of yourself in this environment is not to over-think things.  As fellow blogger and best selling author James Clear puts it:  ‘Progress doesn’t need to be complicated. Skip all of the cutting edge tactics and focus on the key habits that deliver great return. Some examples: Sleep 8+hours each night, go for a walk each day, save at least 10% of your income, read every day, drink more water and less of everything else, put your phone away while you work.’ I think he’s right: Sticking to the fundamentals forms the basis of presenting your best self every day.”

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