Traverse City Protestors Return from D.C. Rally

Hundreds of thousands of protestors marched on Washington D.C. Wednesday, and while rioters were storming the capitol, others say they had no idea it was happening just a short distance away.

A group from northern Michigan was there for the rally and returned home Thursday morning.

Almost 15 hours after Washington D.C.’s curfew, a busload of local residents returned from the nation’s capital this morning.

They say they went to share their concerns and witness history as Congress took up the debate on the Electoral College results.

But they got caught up witnessing a much different day than they intended.

“We were spotting small groups of guys with football helmets and knee pads and telescoping wands. We actually almost had an altercation with one group of eight or 10 at the rally itself,” said Ben Blissett of Traverse City who attended Wednesday’s rally. “We did the right thing. We were peaceful.”

Those who attended Wednesday’s rally and returned to Traverse City on Thursday say most of the day was peaceful, with singing and praying and walking together to the capitol before the violence began Wednesday afternoon.