Cadillac US History Teacher, Students Have Discussion About Wednesday’s Event at US Capitol

'It’s happening and it’s important to be truthful with kids, even if the discussion is difficult'

As the world begins to process the riots at the US Capitol Building Wednesday, eighth grade students at Cadillac Junior High School are participating in the discussion.

“I feel like it’s important for us to just talk about it, so we all know what’s happening and we’re not just thinking one thing and believing just that. We should know all of it,” says Kaidan Westdorp, an eighth grader at Cadillac Junior High School.

US history teacher Luke Rumohr felt that it was an important discussion to have with his students because it is history in the making.

“It’s happening and it’s important to be truthful with kids, even if the discussion is difficult,” says Rumohr.

Student’s watched news clips of Wednesday’s event, expressing their concerns about the lack of police presence and how these people were able to get inside of the Capitol.

“You would think there would be more people at the capitol to actually stop that from happening,” says Westdorp.

Westdorp’s classmate Ethan Romey says, “I just thought it was weird how little protection there was around the Capitol Building and just how they got in.”

In the end, Mr. Rumohr said he was proud of his students for leading a mature conversation on a shocking moment in America.

“The one thing that I loved about today’s discussions is that we had about 20 students in each class, were we were able to dialog and talk and in some cases disagree and we were able to do that all in a conversation,” says Rumohr.