Attack on US Capitol Raises Questions on State Capitol Security

After seeing the United States Capitol overtaken by rioters, lawmakers in Lansing have raised questions concerning security at the Michigan State Capitol. Less than 24 hours later, it was already dealing with threats.

At about 6:40 AM Thursday, Capitol Security received a call from a male caller saying there was a bomb on the Capitol grounds. From there, Capitol Security told all legislators, staff and employees to stay away as a sweep the building. Nothing was found but following what they witnessed in Washington DC yesterday, the Michigan State Police have had a heightened sense of security.

“That’s not protesting that’s insurrection,” said State Senator Jim Ananich of Flint.Capitol Threats Reax Pic

The chaos America witnessed in DC was similar to what happened at the Michigan State Capitol in April. Protesters overtaking the building demanding to influence lawmaker votes.

“You have every right to protest, you have every right to have your opinion heard, you have every right to bear arms ,” said Ananich, “But you don’t have a right to try to intimidate people to vote a certain way. That’s not American.”

The event in Lansing was not nearly as destructive or as violent as DC but it did spark the debate of banning weapons in the Capitol. The discussion never went anywhere over the summer but now the talks are back.

Ananich is the Senate Minority Leader, Republican leaders were not available to speak.

“Yes that conversation is still being had,” said Rep. Jack O’Malley, of Lake Ann, “How it ends up and how it plays out and what the agreements are, I don’t want to comment on it just yet.”

The decision will be made by the Capitol Commission but the legislature may have some say when they return to their chambers Wednesday. It is sure to be highly contested.

“If somebody brings an AR-15 into the Capitol and decides to kill us, we’re going to die. That is a fact,” said Ananich, “I can hide under a desk but if that happens people are going to die.”

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