‘Shovel Experiment’ in Traverse City Aims to Help Others

Norte in Traverse City will continue a four year tradition this winter.

Norte’s Great Northern Michigan Shovel Experiment aims to keep Traverse City accessible to all during the winter months.

They are encouraging the community to help when it comes to clearing snow from public pathways, but not just in front of your home.

They also encourage you to help your neighbor or even adopt a bus stop.

Advocacy Director Gary Howe says, “A lot of people it is there only means so it’s essential that we keep these sidewalks clear. It’s people going to the store. It’s nurses walking to work at Munson. It’s delivery people dropping off packages on our doorstep. It just keeps it safe, keeps it accessible, keeps it comfortable, just makes winter more enjoyable for more people.”

If you are unable to shovel yourself, you can contact Norte and they will try to connect you with someone to help.

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