Jewelry Maker Creates ‘Warrior Bracelet’ to Honor Healthcare Heroes, Raise Money for Brave of Heart Fund for Lives Lost on Frontline of Pandemic

Our healthcare heroes have been through so much on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic.Warrior Bracelet

Some have even lost their lives working to save the lives of others.

Jewelry maker Laura Jenelle has created a special Warrior Bracelet to honor the memory of healthcare workers who worked on the front lines and lost their lives to COVID-19

A portion of the proceeds from each Warrior Bracelet sale will be donated directly to the Brave of Heart Fund to support families of these fallen healthcare heroes.

The Brave of Heart Fund was established in May to provide financial and emotional support to the surviving family members of frontline healthcare workers and volunteers who lose their lives in the COVID-19 fight. It offers affected families up to $75,000 in financial support in the form of Phase I and Phase II grants to support short- (e.g., funeral expenses) and long-term needs (e.g., housing, education, etc.) respectively.

To purchase the Warrior Bracelet, click here.

To learn more about the Brave of Heart Fund, click here.

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