Good Reads from Brilliant Books: ‘The Inheritance Games’ by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

A mysterious mansion, a family feud, and a strange letter becomes the problem that one young woman must solve to win it all. Anthony Ascione, from Brilliant Books in Traverse City, talks about this thrilling ‘good read’. Good Reads

The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is a really fun one,” he said. “This book is all about puzzles and word games”. Anthony’s favorite part about it is that the reader gets to do the puzzles and riddles along with the characters. “The story is great too,” he mentioned. “It’s about a girl who is fairly low in the economic spectrum. She is working very hard to get a school scholarship”. The character’s life changes when she one day receives a letter from a millionaire she does not know. “The letter says that he is going to give her entire fortune, but she must go to his mansion and solve his riddles. On top of that, she has his relatives to compete with”.

Anthony says that The Inheritance Games are great for people who love a challenging read in all sorts of ways. “Each of the puzzles are fun to solve, but some are very difficult,” he explained. “Don’t worry though, if you can’t solve a puzzle, the answer key is in the book”.

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