Adopt-A-Stop: Help BATA Keep Bus Stops Clear

The Bay Area Transportation Authority is encouraging community members to help keep bus stops clear of snow.

It is the second year of their Adopt-A-Stop program.

While it’s an all year program, it’s even more important during the winter months.

If you adopt a stop, you are responsible for shoveling the area around the bus stop.

BATA says Norte and Northern Building Supply donated shovels to help if you don’t have one available.Adopt A Stop Vo0

“As you can imagine, especially during the winter time, navigating the elements to even get to where a bus stop or a bus shelter is can be difficult. So having that clear space to easily board on and off the bus, whether you’re on your own two feet or maybe you’re in a mobility device, is really essential to being able to use public transit.”

Bata says that they only have about 30 bus stops adopted out of nearly 200.

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