Menu Monday: Lost Village Pierogi in Petoskey

For much of last year, many of us spent more times cooking at home.72881814 534274640718204 2709244131703521280 N

But what if you could have incredible eats, easy to make right in your kitchen?

Lost Village Pierogi in Petoskey has come up with a unique method to make their pierogis fresh right out of your own kitchen– hassle free!

They recently relocated from Grand Rapids to a new space in downtown Petoskey. They create incredible pierogis from the classic potatoes to unique jalapeño popper or Rueben.

All are sold frozen, and come with simple directions to reheat at home. They say they can go from freezer to plate in about 10 minutes!

Watch the video about to see the four’s Xavier Hershovitz and chief photojournalist Derrick Larr talk with the owners about their special pierogi process.

To learn more about Lost Village Pierogi, click here. 

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