Sault Ste Marie’s New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Goes Virtual

Sault Ste Marie’s annual New Year’s Eve Ball Drop has gone virtual this time around. The drop will be above the pavilion in Brady Park behind City Hall. People will be able to safely celebrate new beginnings from inside their Ball Dropvehicles and at home. It all kicks-off New Year’s Eve at 10 PM on the 9&10 Plus off the free mobile VUit app.

“It’s huge. You know, 2020, was not the year anybody expected. but at least going into 2021, we know what to expect, nothing is hitting us broadside like it did in 2020. So, we can prepare and at least we can prepare ahead of time for the entire year unlike we did for this year so it will be great to put it behind us,” said the DDA director, Kayla Nicholson. “Hopefully, in the future we can do something different with it as well with upgrades and also say goodbye to the past”.

Parking will be allowed in Brady Park as well as on Water St.

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