Married in the Mitten: Orchestrated Grace

We are continuing with the evolution of the micro-wedding in this week’s Married in the Mitten. This time, Michelle Dunaway and photojournalist, Zach Razminas were at Orchestrated Grace in Traverse City to talk to the98979201 10157514511950679 5849793492066238464 O owner, Chandra Wheeler about how she is helping brides and grooms with their ‘change of plans’.

“It was a wonderful season, it was crazy, it was challenging, but overall a great season,” said Wheeler. “We had wonderful couples and wonderful events”. Many of the events had to overcome sudden changes due to COVID-19. “I had this really sweet and wonderful couple, Jen and Matt, that were originally supposed to get married in France. And, they had everything planned earlier and five days before getting on the plane, the world kind of shut down,” she explained. From there, she helped the couple shift the event to their family’s home, and narrowed the guest list down to 30 people. “It was intimate and amazing. You can feel the love and the connection”.

Even though the event, and other events Wheeler had helped plan, she is ready to go back to what it was like before. For those who are looking to still get hitched during the pandemic, she shared some very valuable advice. “Go with your gut. Remember, the whole meaning of why you are getting married, it’s between the two of you, and just keep that in mind. No matter if it’s a small, large, or intimate… the reason you’re getting married is for each other”.

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Photos featured in this segment of ‘Married in the Mitten’ provided by Brad and Jen


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